Internet Protocol


IPaddress  v.2.51.2

When you use the internet, your computer has a unique number which identifies your computer to other computers on the internet. This unique number is known as the computer's IP (Internet Protocol) Address.

WebPhone Dialer  v.2 1

WebPhone Dialer is the software used by WebPhone for the PC to Phone service that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to place calls over the Internet.



VoipSurface inc,is a platform that allows to implement various types of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) services, with retaining shared, uniform management interface. with our voipswitch u can start your own voip business like

Collanos Phone Windows

Collanos Phone is a software-only Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone and a multi-protocol instant messenger combined in one application. The main features include placing audio & video calls and sending instant messages to existing Jabber, MSN,

Show me IP s

Show me IP s is freeware and will show you what your Internet Protocol Address / IP / is, your LAN IP and your COMPUTER NAME with one mouse click. No Installation required. Just download our freeware. Run the program and click 'SHOW My IPs' button.

GBXWinT3  v.7.516

Gigabyte Express for Windows provides the highest performance file transfer solution when you need to move large files by way of Internet Protocol (IP) backbones. Two transport types are supported, TCP and RELIA.

TCPIPServer  v.1.0

Very often it is necessary to setup simple tcp/ip (Internet Protocol Suite) server on your pc and use it to test your tcp/ip clients. TcpIpServer allows you to setup such server, so you can send messages to client and see what client sends to server.

Hostlink 3270  v.1.0

Host Link is a suite of Services that provides secure connectivity to host applications via the Internet Protocol (IP).

SySpeed  v.

SySpeed is an optimizer for Dial-Up/Modem and LAN/Cable/DSL Internet connections, a Web Accelerator software utility. SySpeed reconfigures the Internet Protocol settings in the Windows registry to the fast and stable internet surfing.

YATE  v.

Yate is currently focused on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Its power lies in its ability to be easily extended.

BeyondPhone  v.2 3

We are a company offering PC to PHONE services we are working in voice over internet protocol for the past seven years and are backed by our own software developement house.

Speak Freely  v.7 2

Speak Freely is software that was developed for using Internet telephony. It is based on VoIP that means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a kind of transport protocol that allows you to send voice messages instead of messages that contain text.

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